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Welcome to ScienceArt.co.uk, the home of striking art with a scientific twist. Our illustrations have been featured in various magazines and websites, and are now available as poster prints. If you would like more information, please contact us at sales@scienceart.co.uk.
Commissions are also available, please ask for more information on pricing and styles commissions@scienceart.co.uk.
Our team have a strong background in all areas of science and engineering, and can produce art to your specifications with scientific accuracy.

Dr Jon Heras, founder

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Featured Images

Featured - Engineered bacteria (lego)

Engineered bacteria (lego)

Featured - Bacteriophage Attacking

Bacteriophage Attacking

We've selected several (coincidentally green) images that shed light on the microscopic world.

Viral DNA uptake shows foreign DNA which has been inserted into a host cell. Artificially introduced genes are used to confer desired properties to bacteria, such as the ability to produce the hormone insulin.

Chromosome Close shows a photo-realistic render of a human chromosome, with the sort of detail that can't be seen under an optical microscope.

Bacteriophage Attacking is our award winning illustration of a virus which attacks bacteria by latching onto the surface and injecting its genetic code to hijack the bacteria's cellular machinery to its own ends.

Engineered Bacteria is a more abstract piece which comments on bacteria as modular, engineered structures, reflecting the developing field of Synthetic Biology.

Featured - Chromosome Close

Chromosome Close

Featured - Viral DNA uptake

Viral DNA uptake